Relax, Subscription Management Made Easy!

Single Point of Content

As a subscription management partner, we provide a single point of contact for managing electronic and paper subscriptions, professional memberships and books.

Dedicated Customer Service Rep

Experience our industry leading customer service. When calling your dedicated customer service representative a person will answer the phone. No voicemail or call centers.

Electronic Resource Management

Basch offers complete electronic resource management solutions featuring seamless e-content access thru one-click or IP recognition. We can also develop custom portals for our clients.

Cost Savings

Save time and money and eliminate the hassle of working with multiple content providers

About Basch

Partnering with Basch for serials management saves time, money, and aggravation.
Subscription Management Made Easy!

Basch Subscriptions, Inc. was founded in 1995 by N. Bernard “Buzzy” Basch. Utilizing decades of experience in finance, publishing, and subscription management, Buzzy grew the business steadily, and conservatively. BSI has clients in all sectors of the library and business community, and routinely meets or exceeds corporate and government requirements for financial and banking references. To ensure managerial and financial continuity for employees and customers, BSI merged with Prenax Inc in 2007. The partnership strengthened BSI’s corporate procurement offerings and enhanced the library service capabilities of Prenax, Inc. Mr. Basch retired in 2014. George Rego, Jr. is President of Basch Subscriptions, Inc. and Prenax, Inc. Prenax Global AB is headquartered in Sweden with wholly-owned subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, England, France, the United States, and Australia. Prenax specializes in subscription support for domestic and international corporations, particularly those requiring desk-top ordering with multiple levels of authorization and interfaces with e-procurement systems such as Ariba

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